Corporate Affairs

We believe in an integrated corporate affairs view. It is all about the combination of reputation, public affairs and stakeholders management.

Public affairs

To the partners of Van Belang & Partners, ‘Public Affairs’ covers theĀ entire realm of actions and options open to individuals and businesses to influence decision making in the political, public and executive domains. The clearest example being decision making regarding legislation.


Every organisation and every business works in a 3-D world housing a myriad of forces and stakeholders. These stakeholders are entities or individuals that, with varying power and intensity, influence your interests.


A long term sustainable reputation creates an emotional bond between your organisation and your stakeholders. This provides your organisation a ‘license-to-operate’, in time leading to a positive effect on your business.


We offer training and coaching in each of the Van Belang & Partners specialty areas. These in-company or external training and coaching plans are tailor made for your organisation.

Added value healthcare

A big healthcare organisation proves its added value to various municipalities

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