Loubna Boufrach

senior adviser

Loubna Boufrach is an entrepreneur and the owner of BOUF Legal, where holistic advice is key. She focuses on board level issues, public affairs in healthcare and introduces juridical thinking- power where needed. She used to work at the ‘Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg’, ‘Zorgverzekeraars Nederland’ (Branch Health Insurers) and as a senior advisor at ActiZ, a branch organization for Healthcare entrepreneurs. Furthermore she is the co-founder of ‘InTECHrity Health & Public Sector’ as well as board member of ‘Stichting Handen in Huis’. Loubna speaks the language of decision-making and supervising. She knows how to deduct resistance, reduce complexity, and how to unravel interests in a diplomatic way to achieve effective decision-making.

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